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ADOneAgent-Commands-Execution-Start-iconADOneAgent-Commands-Execution-Stop-icon Execute now - Stop

Starts or stops the automated execution of actions.


The Run Now - Stop button changes the operating state of the application.

When you press Execute Now, the application starts the execution of actions starting from the action selected in the action list, then the actions are executed sequentially following the order of the execution order field (OE column). Between the execution of one action and the next, a pause is made according to the value of the Wait after field. During the execution sequence, if an action is not active it is not executed and the algorithm immediately moves on to the next action. When the execution sequence is in progress, the configuration of actions cannot be changed and therefore all editing commands are disabled.


When the program is in execution mode, it always continues, even if the application is closed because the execution sequence of actions is managed by the Active Directory One Agent service found in the Windows service list. If the computer is restarted or the service is restarted manually using the Windows Service Management Console (services.msc), the execution of actions is stopped in a service-managed mode and restarts as soon as the service is running again.


When the Stop button is pressed, an interrupt request is made to the Windows service, which, in managed mode, stops the current action and stops the sequence of action execution.

It is recommended that the Stop button be pressed during the pause between actions and not during the execution of an action so as to ensure data consistency.


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