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The Names rule can be associated with any string-type attribute, and use is typically intended for attributes that have a relationship to the user name, e.g., sn, givenName, displayName, name, userPrincipalName, sAMAccountName, mail, etc.


The following text formatting options are available.


Compound names: if the string consists of multiple words, the following options are available

Leave text unchanged: does not make any changes.

Use only the first word: After the first word the text is truncated, that is, the words following the first word are deleted.

Remove the empty spaces: The spaces between words are eliminated and the words are queued up forming a single word.

Replace spaces with the "_" symbol: All spaces within the phrase are replaced with the underscore character.


Remove diacritical marks: if characters with diacritical marks appear in the string, they are removed and replaced with characters without diacritical marks if possible.

Delete quotes / apostrophes: deletes all characters that can be used as apostrophes.


Uppercase / lowercase: allows several options on the text

Leave text unchanged: does not make any changes

Capitalize: the first character of each word is forced to uppercase and all subsequent characters after the first are forced to lowercase.

All in uppercase: all characters are converted to uppercase

All in lowercase: all characters are converted to lowercase





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