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ADOneAgent-Commands-Actions-Clone-icon Clone

Creates a copy of the selected record and adds it to the grid.


When you execute this command, a copy of the selected record is immediately created in the main grid, in the copied record the description field is changed, to which the postfix "- copy (x)" is added, this is because action descriptions are also used as an identifier and therefore duplicates are not allowed.


After cloning, if the copied record contains configuration properties that conflict with other existing actions in the main grid, it will not be possible to activate the action until the overlap or conflict is resolved.When in the main grid an attempt is made to activate a record that is in an error state, it is highlighted by a red X in the Activate column field. If the mouse is stopped over the X, information about the error is shown.


The command is available in the toolbar and also with the right-clickable context menu on the selected record.

During the execution of actions the command is disabled, to use the command you must first stop execution with the Stop command.


See also: Main Grid Editing