ADOneAgent-Commands-Manage-ManageCredentials-icon Manage credentials

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ADOneAgent-Commands-Manage-ManageCredentials-icon Manage credentials

Opens the Manage Credentials dialog box that allows you to enter a list of service accounts.

The accounts entered here will be usable by Active Directory One to perform operations that require administrative access, for example, to perform actions in the Active Directory One Agent service or can be used to grant delegation to manage users, groups or organizational units using the Delegated Users feature.


To ensure security, the credentials in this list are saved encrypted and can be used only by the application.


Before confirming an account entry, it is recommended to check with the buttons to the right in the dialog to verify that the user has been entered correctly and holds the necessary privileges to use the requested service.


For security reasons, we recommend that you create specific accounts for the type of service you want to use; person accounts should not be used.


If the application is using one of the accounts on this list and you remove it, related services or actions will stop working.


Important Notes:

Service users are used by Active Directory One to perform automated operations and therefore should not be associated with any type of multi-factor authentication.

Service users who need to authenticate in Microsoft 365 and need to send email notifications must have SMTP Authentication enabled in the tenant's user properties. To enable the user in M365 you can use the administration interface or with Powershell use the Set-CASMailbox command as in the following example:

Set-CASMailbox -Identity -SmtpClientAuthenticationDisabled $false.

For more information see the Microsoft documentation on SMTP client authentication.