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Commands-Home-Shortcuts-icon Shortcuts

This command enables the creation of a shortcut structure to user home folders based on Active Directory organizational units.

It can be used only in user projects, when the correct configuration of the homeDrive and homeDirectory attributes is used in AD to perform home folder redirection in a file server.


Example of use


In organizations where access to the home folders of certain categories of users is needed, such as a school where teachers need access to the folders of students in their classes, it becomes a problem to organize this type of access because the structure and management of folders in the file system becomes very complex due to staff turnover. To overcome this, a simpler structure can be left on the file system, such as a single folder for all students, and use Active Directory One to automatically create a shared, organized structure of shortcuts to users' home folders.


Command scope and location


The command takes effect at the project level and the configuration is embedded in the document template, so if you create a template from the project, the shortcut configuration is stored within it.


Access permissions to personal folders


Can be structured and automated by configuring a Data Folder rule applied to the homeDirectory attribute.




The path to the shared folder on the file server, which will become the root folder of the shortcut structure, must be set; each individual user's shortcut name is obtained from a specific attribute that can be selected from a list.


The structure, consisting of folders and shortcuts, is obtained from the structure of organizational units set up in Active Directory; several options are available during configuration to change the depth of the folder tree.


Creating the structure


Once the configuration is complete, the structure can be created or updated with the Store in Active Directory command by selecting the Shortcuts to home folders option




See also: Store in Active Directory - Data Folder rule