ADOneAgent-Commands-Actions-M365Licenses-icon M365 Licenses Assignment

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ADOneAgent-Commands-Actions-M365Licenses-icon M365 Licenses Assignment

Automatically assigns Microsoft 365 licenses based on a specific Active Directory attribute.


If the organization uses a Microsoft 365 tenant and Active Directory users are synchronized in Azure AD with tools such as Azure AD Connect you can use this action that allows Microsoft 365 licenses to be automatically assigned after users have been synchronized in the cloud.


Once the configuration is completed, activated and executed in the scheduler, licenses will be automatically assigned to all users who have a specific value in a specific attribute and are unlicensed.


M365 License Assignment Wizard



Procedure description: is a descriptive text that appears in the main grid, the description is also used by the software as an identifier of the action and therefore no duplicates are allowed for this field.


Credentials... must contain a set of credentials that are used by the service to perform licensing in the Microsoft 365 tenant. Global Administrator or Company Administrator group privileges are required. It is recommended to create a service account, dedicated to this type of operation and not to use person accounts. See Manage Credentials for more information on creating and managing service accounts.


Scheduler waiting time... is the time that must elapse after the execution of the action has been completed, during the wait time no action is performed and the service communicates with the user interface only to show the remaining time with a countdown.


Activate this action in Adone Agent UI scheduler: activate the action in the action execution sequence and then when the service is activated with the Execute Now command the action will be processed in the scheduled sequence according to the order of the OE property (execution order) in the main grid.


User attribute to evaluate for licensing: contains a list of attributes that you can use as placeholders for licensing assignment, currently the following attributes are supported: City, Country, Department, DomainName, State, Title, UsageLocation. The recommended attribute is Department.


Attribute value: is the trigger value for license assignment, in our example, all users who have Students as the value in the Department attribute will be evaluated by the license assignment algorithm.


Primary type of license to assign: this is the license that will be assigned to the user if the trigger conditions are valid and the user is unlicensed.


Country of use: country where the license to be assigned will be used.



See also: Actions - Manage Credentials